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Welcome to my home page. And yes, it's very boring. Someday, in my spare time (hah!), I'll add to it.

I'm an infrastructure guy. As this site obviously demonstrates, content and design are not my strong points. But if you want to know all about Cisco, networking, Sniffers, network security, or name services, I'm your guy.

Yosemite Panoramas

To see some panoramas of my hike in Yosemite, click here.


I've been learning about IPv6. Are you v6 enabled?

The widget below will show you your IPv4 and IPv6 address. If you have one.

I'm fully IPv6 enabled at the house today, via Hurricane Electric tunnel broker service. If you are interested in experimenting with IPv6, I would strongly suggest you check them out.


I've been having fun GeoCaching. A great way to get outside with the kids.

Profile for ggersch

Email on - Fighting Spam

This is how I had DNSBL's configured for the old site. I'm leaving it here for reference as some might find it useful. I've moved email to Exchange Online, partly so I don't have to mess with anti-spam anymore. (Although it was a fun geeky experiment.)

DNSBL Documentation

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Internet Movie Database

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Cisco Documentation Homepage


ARIN Reverse WhoIs

IANA Port Numbers

Cisco Bitswap Tool

IEEE MAC Manufacturer List